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          HSBC handicrafts

          Anhui HSBC Crafts Co., Ltd
          Anhui HSBC Crafts Co., Ltd. Anhui HSBC Crafts Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 and is located in the Willow Weaving Industrial Functional Zone of Huanggang Town, Funan County, the "Capital of Willow Weaving in China". It is adjacent to Provincial Highway S328 and less than 40 minutes by car from Fuyang Railway Marshalling Station, Fuyang Airport, and National Highway 105, providing convenient transportation.
          The company covers an area of 20 acres, with a construction area of 14500 square meters. The environment is elegant, the style is unique, and the fixed assets are 18.3 million yuan. It has import and export autonomy and is one of the leading backbone enterprises of Huanggang and the county's willow weaving industry. The company has a strong technical force, with a team of 30 people engaged in the research and development and innovation of willow weaving process products, as well as 56 technical backbones, including management, technicians, and marketing personnel. It has a total of 130 fixed employees, driving 2300 farmers to weave. It is engaged in the production and processing of willow weaving series of process products, and can produce 16 series and more than 10000 varieties of handicrafts such as willow, willow wood, willow vine, willow bamboo, willow grass, willow silver, and willow iron. Its products are well-known both domestically...
          Wooden decorations +
          wooden bench +
          Grass woven stool +
          Straw weaving disc +
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          • Maintenance methods for wooden products


            1. Gently wipe with a dry and soft cotton cloth every day, then clean with a wrung out damp cloth for a period of time, and finally apply a thin layer of polish.


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